Learn innovation skills the easy way

The course

A one-day crash course to learn all the essential Design Thinking skills.


Business people don’t need to understand designers better. They need to be designers.
— Roger Martin (Rotman School of Management)

Innovate like a designer

Design Thinking is a wonderful innovation toolbox that is used by the most innovative businesses worldwide. Design Thinking enables business owners, staff members, designers and creators to bring new solutions to complex problems around the world.

In this course, you’ll get not only a theoretical understanding of the power of Design Thinking, but you will learn how to practice it in your everyday job.




The value

A course based on nine years of practice around the world.


Learn the tools of the innovators

The goal of this course is to democratize Design Thinking and make it accessible to curious individuals. That’s why this crash course gives you the exact same tools used by the coaches in their previous innovation projects.

Design thinking for curious minds

This course is designed for curious minds of any profession who want to solve problems in innovative ways in their everyday work. This course is for you if you:

  • want to learn the tools that innovative startups like Airbnb or Google used to grow;

  • want to solve problems at work in a new innovative way;

  • want to launch a new service, product or startup or

  • want to improve the customer and user experience in your business.


By international innovation coaches

The innovation coaches of the Swiss Innovation Academy have taught innovation skills and lead innovation projects around the world with global brands in various industries.

Industries the Swiss Innovation Academy coaches have worked on

Industries the Swiss Innovation Academy coaches have worked on


What you’ll learn

In this course, you’ll learn 15 design thinking tools in just one day.

The course is divided into five chapters that each cover three tools. These will help you:

  1. use empathy to better understand your users

  2. condense your research into insights

  3. generate innovative solutions and ideas

  4. create prototypes of your ideas

  5. test innovative solutions with your users

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Your coach

Daniele Catalanotto,
senior innovation consultant.

Daniele is an innovation consultant who held senior positions in business consultancies and innovation consultancies in Europe. Daniele has led design and innovation projects in Switzerland, China, Thailand, France, Germany, Italy, and the UK.

Daniele is the author of two books on an innovation discipline called Service Design.

You can check his Linkedin profile to see his full resume and his recommendations.

This is not for everyone

This is an extremely intensive crash course.
Get ready to be exhausted.


This is a very intense experience as you’ll learn all the essential skills in just one day! We keep breaks and lunchtime to the minimum in order for you to get more learning time.

If you want the usual “slow-paced,” course with plenty of time to reflect, this is not for you. This course is designed for people who want to learn as much as possible in just one day. 

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What you get

What is included in the course pack?

The course package accompanies you after the one-day crash course with additional content and coaching time.


An 8 hours intense crash course worth £649

The crash course takes place during a Saturday in London. This is a small course limited to 10 students. This limited number of students make it possible to keep it personal. Each attendee has enough time for his personal questions and coaching during the crash course.


Student Handbook worth £150

The student handbook is made so that you have to take fewer notes during the course and can really concentrate on learning. The student handbook also guides you after the crash course session. It helps you to transform your learning into concrete actions that will improve your everyday work.


Two one-hour coaching sessions worth £600

With the course, you’ll get 2 one-hour coaching sessions with one of the innovation consultants of the Swiss Innovation Academy. These coaching sessions are totally personal and confidential. This means you can bring your particular challenges and questions. And this without having to listen to the problems of other students.


An additional online course with 100 tips to improve your customer experience worth £230

In addition to the crash course, you will get free access to the online course 100 Service Design Principles. This video self-paced course enables service creators and business owners to create a better user and customer experience.



You pay only £649 for a course worth more than £1500.

This course offers a complete package of content and extras for a total value of over £1500.

The course will be launched in the upcoming weeks. Leave your email to receive the course dates and get an additional 20% coupon for your first course with the Swiss Innovation Academy.

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The course in five points

  1. A total value of £15000+ but you’ll pay only 649£

  2. You’ll learn all the essential Design Thinking skills

  3. You get an extra personal and confidential coaching session

  4. Taught by an international innovation expert and author.

  5. An intense mix of practice and theory.

What others say

“It’s an intense experience! It’s like following a 3-day course in one day!” — Loris O.

“Daniele is a great coach, he cuts through the bullshit and shares what will really create change!” — Jonas N.

“The personal coaching sessions after the crash course day helped me go further once I was able to try out the skills back at work! So worth it.” — Alice S.