Learn innovation skills the easy way


The learning and teaching philosophy

For small teams, rules of thumbs, every day nerds are a few of the guiding principles behind the Swiss Innovation Academy


A florist, your dentist, a pastor or any member of a small team can also benefit from innovation skills.

Innovation skills help any guy out there better serve his customers, users or colleagues. Innovation skills make it possible to launch new ideas faster, have more productive meetings or simple better understand other humans.



Instead of complex theories you’ll learn simple rules of thumbs.

Research shows that simple rules of thumbs are often more powerful to learn complex stuff like accounting. Inspired by this all courses are built around the idea of teaching simple and memorable rules of thumbs over complex and forgettable theories.



Ideas inspired by the nerds that innovators usually won’t consider.

Innovators are not the only one who innovate. Gardeners, storytellers, farmers, designers, pastors and many passionated professionals innovate too. These geeks have great ideas and tips to share that the classical innovators don’t know anything about.



It’s as if your best friend would teach you innovation skills in a bar after he had a nice beer.

The corporate world comes with ties and buzzwords. Individuals and small teams come with no-bullshit talk and humor.